Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, You Were Not as Relaxing as I Thought You'd Be...

My little Naomi girl came down with a fever yesterday evening, and had to go to the doctor this morning, oh dear, it breaks our hearts to see our babies sick.

It seems that she has a urinary tract infection, which is not good news because she had one earlier in the summer, and this means that we'll have to do further testing to see if she has a bigger issue.  The good thing about this hard day is that we had a chance to do things separately with our girls.  Patrick stayed home with Evelyn while I took Naomi to the doctor - we both agree that taking care of one baby at a time is, well, MUCH easier than caring for twins!  When I got home and the girls got up from their naps, I left Naomi with Patrick and took Evelyn with me to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for lunch and to get N's prescription.  

Neither of our girls have ever had the opportunity to ride in the cart!  Usually, we take both girls or just go by ourselves to the store while the other parent stays home....She.Loved.It.  And I realized that we shouldn't wait for a sick day to do things individually with these little ones.  They need to have special outings or times at home with just one of them and one of us!  So, this Sunday wasn't as relaxing as I'd hoped it would have been, and we hate that Naomi isn't feeling well, but it was a good day parenting these baby girls with my Patrick!

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  1. umm she is too little, please don't ever let her ride in the cart again