Friday, September 9, 2011

My Mom and My New Great-Nephew!

Well, I haven't posted anything for a few days because I've been out of town visiting my family.  We live about three hours away from our parents and most of our brothers and sisters.  My Mom has had a lot of health issues over the past year, and the latest issue was with a cracked tail bone and then discovering that she has spinal stenosis (narrowing of the bony part of the spine).  She was supposed to have surgery on this past Wednesday, but an EKG determined that maybe her heart was not strong enough for the operation.  The surgery would alleviate the terrible pain from the spinal issue.  She ended up going for a nuclear stress test today to see how bad her heart is, and if she would ever be able to have the surgery.  It seems that the test results showed that she should be able to have the surgery, and she'll go and meet with the cardiologist on Monday to go over the results more thoroughly.  My parents are 75 years old, so these types of situations make me very very anxious!  The girls and I left on Wednesday morning to travel to see our family.  We stayed at my in-law's house, and my AMAZING Mother-In-Law kept the girls for me so that I could be with my Mom and with my new nephew, who was born Wednesday morning.  I have a lot to process from the last few days.  It took a lot out of me to see my Mom in so much pain.  It was also an incredible blessing to get to meet this guy:

Mitchell Scott Tompkins, my great-nephew!
The first picture is of my parents when they came to visit us back in February -- a couple of funny things here, my mom really doesn't love animals on the furniture, and my dog is not ever this calm, also, what is going on with Evelyn's (baby on right) face?!  And Naomi (baby on left) is glistening with drool as always!  Ha!  The second picture is from the beginning of the summer when my Mom came down to visit us for a week.  I am so thankful for her being able to visit this summer, as it will probably be a while before she will be up for making the trip again.  

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  1. We are praying for your mom Janet! Please let me know if there is anything I can ever to do help her out.