Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Second Year!

Yesterday was Naomi and Evelyn's 1st Birthday!  The days leading up to their big day held mixed emotions for Patrick and me.  It truly is astounding to us that their first year is over already!  We are so excited to see how far the girls have come, and are excited to see what this second year will bring.  Here are no less than one million pictures to commemorate this very special day!

 Oh, you poor swollen lady!  You don't know it now, but tomorrow morning when you arrive home from a failed attempt at picking up bagels for breakfast, you will go into labor and your life will change forever and your cankles will go away and you'll get to meet the most fabulous set of twins in the history of twins!
Hello, we are so excited about getting to meet our twins today, we have no idea what kind of sleep deprivation we are about to endure over the next year, we have no idea how much we're going to grow together in this new role as parents...we're too little!

 This picture makes me howl with laughter no matter how many times I see it!  We had to actually deliver the babies in the operating room as a precaution in case one of them had to be delivered by c-section.
 See that pretty lady on the right?  She's my sister, she's our doula, she's amazing...oh, and we didn't need to have a c-section!
 This is what I spent the first six weeks of motherhood staring at...
 We had a special birthday breakfast on the back porch - Naomi found a leaf!
 Hi!  I'm a big one year old now, so I get to eat outside in my jammies!
 Outdoor furniture is awesome!
 If you ask the girls how old they are, sometimes they hold up one finger, and then we clap, sometimes if you ask them how old they are they just clap!  Yay!
Eebee's Adventures!  It's their favorite show right now, so they got to watch it on their birthday morning.
Baby A and Baby B hats from the hospital...they were so, so silly while I was trying to get pictures - taking off each other's hats, throwing their hats on the floor, trying to grab the camera - wow, I love them!

Well, happy birthday to my sweet baby girls! I can't imagine my life without them and they have certainly brought about a whole new kind of wonderful to our family!

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