Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some "wonderfuls" for the day!

Sorry, no pictures for today, but there were some sweet moments on this Sunday.  The girls slept in until 8:15, so between P having turned off the alarm clock and N & E sleeping in, we missed church.  Apparently, our family needed our sleep today.  Patrick brought me home some lovely pink and red Gerbera daisies for our anniversary - these were the same flowers we had in our wedding!  I couldn't find Patrick after my shower this morning, and I went into the nursery and he was there in the rocking chair asleep with!  We headed down to the Isle of Palms to spend time with my niece Taylor and her boyfriend's family, who are renting a house down there for the week, and had some fabulous low country boil, yay!  The girls are asleep, and I'm off to watch some Harry Potter (for the very first time) with my Patrick!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for watching HP! You need to read the books. You'll be hooked and will thank me forever for pressuring you. ;)
    Love your sweet family!