Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sister Kisses, and a Completely Self-Fed Lunch

My babies will be one year old on Monday, and I really cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by.  It seems like they are doing something new every day, and I wanted to post this so that I don't forget. 

I have been trying to let the girls do mostly self-fed lunches for a while now, they get pieces of toast with peas spread on them, and some sort of fruit, and then I will spoon-feed them their yogurt and the rest of the jar of peas.  Well, Naomi is a very independent soul, and it's getting to be more and more of a challenge to feed her.  She seems to do better feeding herself.  So, today, I gave them toast with peas, some cut up cheese, and whole pieces of banana, and that was it.  They ate a good amount, and threw a good amount on the floor for the dog!  It is so sweet to see them working their tiny fingers to get the food off the highchair tray and into their mouths. 

When the girls were between 6 and 8 months old, we could get them to "kiss" us by making a kissing noise and asking them to give us a kiss.  They would give the best, most slobbery open mouth kisses ever!  Beyond 8 months or so, they just didn't seem interested.  Lately, though, if I tell them to kiss their baby dolls or stuffed animals, they will open up and slobber all over them!  Today, before nap time, I was sitting on the floor playing with the girls, and they were climbing up on me, trying to pull my hair, looking to see if I had earrings on, the usual, and, all of a sudden, Naomi started laying her head on Evelyn's shoulder and Evelyn started kissing Naomi, right on the mouth!  Oh dear, they just started cracking up laughing, and they knocked each other over, and continued cracking up, just laying on the floor together!  How absolutely amazing to see this sweet relationship between these precious sisters develop.  

I am thankful for messy big girl lunches, and for sweet twin sister kisses!  I needed an attitude check this afternoon, and sitting on the floor cracking up with my girls was just what the doctor ordered!

I will try and post a picture of the girls each day until their birthday.  This is from the day they were born.  Baby A is Naomi Grace, and baby B is Evelyn Mae.  Oh my, this brings up so many emotions for me...

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