Monday, January 16, 2012

Pigtails and Chef Daddy!

We've been wanting to try and do pigtails in the girls' hair lately, so I finally bought some rubber bands small enough - and - yeah, it was adorable!  We knew that Naomi's hair was thick enough to try it and we've been doing one "waterfall" in Evelyn's hair to keep it out of her face.  

Here are some pics of the cuteness.  Yes, my Christmas tree is STILL up!  We've been sick and busy and just haven't had time to take it down - hopefully today since Patrick is off work - we'll see!  

The last picture is of Naomi looking out the window.  The girls stand and look out all the time.  I always wonder what they're thinking.

Patrick made an excellent meal last night - fried potatoes and turkey kielbasa and a spinach salad.  He's been sick, so it was really great that he was feeling well enough to cook for us.  

We have gotten so much better at being in the kitchen together (well, maybe I am the one who has gotten better...).  I used to be really uptight when we cooked together.  I would hurt his feelings because I'd be so focused on what I was doing that I wouldn't engage with him at all.  I have really learned to enjoy this time together, and I really appreciate how patient he's been with me on this issue!  Here is the chef and his masterpiece!

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