Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Declare you a Baby Genius!!

The girls have been so fun over the past few weeks and have been trying to repeat what we say.  I love to show them something like their cup of yogurt and to say "yogurt" and hear them say "go-gui"!  Too cute!  Sometimes they don't just repeat a word, but they actually recognize an object and say the word.  They'll see a rubber ducky and then say "quack quack"!

So, yesterday, I was at the grocery store with Evelyn in the canned goods aisle and she started saying "bapple, bapple" - which means apple.  I looked around, and said, "Yeah, buddy, I don't see any apples on this aisle" - yes, sometimes I call my girls buddy, whatever!  

After stocking my cart up with like 75 cans of black beans, we turned around and I looked up to see a giant poster hanging from the ceiling with a bushel of bapples on it!  I got so excited, I was like, "Oh my goodness, give me a high five!"  "You are a baby genius!", "Oh my goodness, I really believe you are gifted!".  

I am pretty sure that the older lady standing next to us thought I was crazy, but I really was so impressed with my little bapple girl!

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