Monday, November 7, 2011

Not In My Favorites

I went to open a new tab online today, and my own blog wasn't listed as one of my recent or favorite places visited...maybe the blog should have been called "80 Or So Days Of Wonderful"!  Well, the blog, as with all the other things in my life, need my attention and my discipline in order to work.  I have always struggled to be disciplined with my time, and I find that I get distracted and discouraged pretty easily.  Distracted + Discouraged = Recipe For Disaster!  I will not beat myself up over this, I will give myself a break, and I will try harder.  This blog is important to me.  It is a creative outlet and a way for me to chronicle the good things that happen each day.  Our lives get busy and hectic, things happen that hurt us, we hurt each other, we lose sight of what's important.  We get sick, our pets seem like a burden, there are worries about money, work, and household tasks.  These difficult things are a part of our day to day lives, and sometimes they seem to outshine what is important.  Sometimes I feel so bogged down by them, I don't want to do anything.  I become idle.  It is important for me to write about this because I need to remember that this is all part of our story.  All of the difficult things and all of the wonderful things are in cahoots to make us see how very much God cares.  All of it is such an important process of building character and making us stronger.  So, today, a Monday, I purpose in my heart to push through my tendency toward being undisciplined, distracted, and discouraged in order to love myself, my husband, and my children, and to allow God to be our constant reminder of the wonderful that is in each moment we have together.

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