Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Patrick and I hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the first time this year.  With Patrick's work schedule being pretty crazy, we decided it would not really work for us to travel for the holiday this year, so Patrick's family decided to come to us!  I was a little sad about not being with my family, but the girls and I were able to take a quick trip to visit with my family the week before Thanksgiving, and I was very thankful to have had that time with them.  

We had a very busy and fun weekend with our family.  They came on Thursday afternoon and left last night.  

We fried a turkey, and our lives were changed forever - So delicious!

Naomi and Evelyn sure enjoyed hanging out with their aunts and uncles and of course their Grammy and Pep-Pep this weekend!

I should have added something for perspective here, but these were the girls plates for the big meal.  They were actually on salad plates, and looked so adorable next to all the adult plates.  They tried everything, but I think it may have been a few too many new things all at one time.  Evelyn enjoyed eating off her Aunt Amanda's fork more than she did her own spoon, and Naomi mostly spit everything out when I'd get a bite in her mouth.  She did have a fun time making eyes across the table at her Pep-Pep!

I bought the girls these turkey headbands for their first Thanksgiving last year.  I was so excited that they still fit this year.  We had to be pretty creative to keep their little hands busy so they wouldn't pull the headbands off before we could snap a picture!

The girls were so helpful to their Daddy in doing up the dinner dishes!!

Some other things we enjoyed this weekend were going out for a birthday lunch for Patrick's Mom, going shopping at the mall on black Friday, and doing a family photo shoot on Saturday afternoon at Runnymede Plantation.  We are pooped to say the least, but are so thankful that our family came to us for this special weekend!

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  1. The girls are getting so big! And so beautiful. Miss you guys!