Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Well, a lot has been going on in our household over the past couple of weeks.  The day after the girls' party, we celebrated Patrick's birthday with his family - usually there is a big celebration for all of the siblings together, but it didn't work out this year - I think this made my Mother-In-Law a little sad, and I thought of how difficult it must be to not be able to get all your kids together to celebrate their birthdays, which is why Naomi and Evelyn are NEVER allowed to leave us!!  Kidding, kind of...

Patrick didn't want regular icing on his cake, he wanted a cream puff filling type of icing.  I looked up some recipes for cream puff filling, and it actually turned out really well - I topped it with raspberries because the man loves raspberries!

This is Patrick's sister Alaina.  She lives with us and goes to a nearby university.  We love her, and were excited to share this yummy pink lemonade cake from Strossners Bakery in Greenville, SC!  Patrick's parents brought it down for her because it's her fave!

We started on whole milk!  Wow, this has been quite a challenge.  The girls aren't really fans of the ice cold beverage, but we're taking it slow, and they'll get it soon enough!  I am trying to remember the "wonderful" here of them learning something new, and trying to be patient as they get used to this change!  The picture above is of one of Naomi's many attempts at not actually holding her own cup!

The girls were wearing t-shirts representing two of my life's greatest passions - Strawberry Shortcake and cupcakes!  :) Oh, they are getting so big, and are just doing so many funny things.  The picture of Naomi was taken during nap time.  She woke up twenty minutes early from all of her naps last week, and, after I got over myself, I was really able to enjoy the time with just her - getting to look out the window and talk about how the leaves are changing.  The one of Evelyn is just a classic Evelyn face!  OOh and we even found some green striped socks to match Stawberry's! Little Evie keeps us in stitches with her CONSTANT babbling and silly, silly faces!

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