Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Cute Firsts

The movie theater here in our town has $1 movies a few times a week during the summer, and I'd been wanting to take the girls to see how they'd do.  Unfortunately, a lot of the movies they were showing just weren't age appropriate, and we're trying to be extra careful with what Naomi and Evelyn watch lately because they're getting a sense of fear about things.  For example, we have had to start fast forwarding through The Count scenes on Sesame Street, and they're scared of the magic mirror on the Veggie Tale, "Sweetpea  Beauty".  Naomi will run and find us and say, "So Scawed", or "So Scawy".  Ahh, too sad!  Anyway, Patrick's sister Alaina is working at our local theater this summer, and she let me know that they were showing a Winnie the Pooh movie last week.  We decided that we'd take them, and just not have any expectations for how they would do.  Well, they loved it!  I was so surprised at how well they paid attention and at how excited they were about such a new experience.  They sat in little booster seats with their quilts and had sippy cups with ice water and gold fish for a snack.  They even sat through the credits - unbelievable!

When the girls were born, the main way we could tell them apart was by looking under their hats at their hair.  Evelyn was born with a full head of dark hair, and Naomi had peach fuzz.  In order to remember their names, my mom would say, "Naomi no hair".  It was not my favorite remembering device, but it certainly worked for those who were having trouble.  Well, today, we tried full pig tails for the first time, and I will hereby declare that "Naomi no hair" is no longer an appropriate term!  If you're having trouble remembering their names, you'll have to think of a new device - oh yeah!!  :)

The girls helped their Daddy wash the car today, and the cuteness was almost more than I could bear!

Here is a picture of me at 26 weeks pregnant.  Definitely getting bigger and feeling more uncomfortable lately.  I am having trouble sleeping at night just because I can't really get comfortable.  Otherwise, I am feeling well, and am getting so excited to meet this baby boy!

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